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Partner with an award winning digital agency that has proven to deliver more customers through SEO, Design and Web Builds.

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Partner with an award winning digital agency that has proven to deliver more customers through SEO, Design and Web Builds.

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What is SEO?

and why do you need it?

And why do you need it?

SEO AKA Search Engine Optimisation is what moves billions every year and can make the difference between the success or failure of a business.

SEO is what drives more qualified leads to a website and converts more of the leads to customers on the website.

How do we do that? Well that is our secret sauce; However, its the application of various strategies to drive you to page one of Google for the keywords that turn leads into customers. These strategies range from on-page optimisation, content building, authority link building. Effectively SEO is the essential tool for any online marketing plan and with our team you will compete if not out rank and sell your competition.

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Thomas Oxlee Barcelona SEO

I like to keep it simple; I want your business thriving with leads and sales.

For the last 12+ years I have been helping businesses generate over 100,000 leads and $50,000,000+ in sales. Ready to step it up?

Barcelona SEO is first and foremost an SEO agency, but our SEO work is set within a fully comprehensive digital marketing strategy that delivers page 1 search results everywhere you want them: locally, nationally, internationally, Google Organic, Google Ads, Facebook and more.

STRATEGY AND SALES ALIGNMENT: We start by aligning your company’s business strategy and sales. In this phase, we review your sales, strategic priorities, and go-to-market initiatives, streamline your business development initiatives, define your target customers and how to reach them, develop account and segment management strategies based on profitability, translate your corporate strategy into sales strategies, tasks, and processes, and build and nurture the best sales channels for each product offering.
CREATING DATA-DRIVEN PROFITABLE GROWTH: Here we determine strategic imperatives for sustainable growth and discover new avenues for it, assess potential opportunities and risks and see where you’re leaving money on the table, and recognize possible impediments to growth in your current set up. We also address the realistic financial and logistical requirements for growth. We help you manage your operations, prepare for growth, and ensure your technology infrastructure stays ahead of the curve. Further, we define how your products and services deliver value to customers, identify goals for customer acquisition, retention, and up-selling, and establish the right mix of sales channels, always using data as the primary driver for achieving desired performance. At that point, we help you set realistic goals and forecasts, minimize channel conflict as products, services and markets evolve, and maximize the value of sales information systems for account management.
BEYOND MARKETING: As much as we love marketing, we’re also mindful of the social and ethical responsibilities that come with growth. Let’s discuss how we can help your business grow!


If your website is not on the 1st page of Google for your business, products or services, you are losing money

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The comments below are just a sample of the customers that have generated over $50,000,00+ working with us.

100,000 Page #1 ranks already achieved

From No Leads To Page One
We found Thomas online after looking for a reputable seo company as our website was outdated, slow and generating no business. We needed help fast as our business was declining at a very uncomfortable rate. Within 1 month we had a brand new website and within 12 weeks we were ranking on page 1 for many of our services. Fast forward 2 years and we are leaders in our industry.
Construction Engineering
More Leads Than We Could Handle
As a new Gym and we had invested heavily in equipment and making our space the best in the area. But very quickly we realised that we needed members fast or we would not last the first 6 months. our website and marketing was generating 1 lead a week at best. Finding Thomas changed all of that rapidly, he assessed our needs, identified our competition, designed a strategy, built a powerful foundation, including new websites and marketing strategy and within 3 months we were dominating the area, driving more leads that we could initially handle with high ticket offers.
Luxury Gym Sector
Struggling To Opening 3 New Locations
I’ve been a dentist for 20 years… our website was very tired and outdated and our new appointments were starting to dry up. To make it worse when I searched my own business in Google all the new competition appeared and we were nowhere to be seen. Thomas was actually a patient of mine and we talked about Digital Marketing and SEO (I had no idea what he was on about, but the numbers made sense). We took the plunge and left it in his hands. Today our new website, brand and marketing strategy is an asset and we now have a constant flow of appointments coming in and all automated. We have expanded to 3 locations and cannot thank Thomas enough for all he has done for us.
dental sector
Boom To Bust To Boom
Back in 2016 we had already been in business for 8 years. We were well established, our website was working for us, sales were increasing year after year and business was going well. Then suddenly it all fell apart and our website got de-indexed, we lost our online business in a matter of hours and we were in serious trouble. We needed someone to get us out and we needed a quick turn around. We found Thomas on the first page of google ranked number 1, this was reassuring and it only got better after we contacted him. Within 3 weeks we were ranking for keywrods we never even thought of and we literally went from bust to boom hitting better numbers than before. Highly recommend.
High end brand

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